Decision Neuroscience - From Neurons to Societies

Philippe Tobler

Research Associate
Department of Physology, Development and Neuroscience
Cambridge Neuroscience Institute
University of Cambridge

Contact Information:

Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
University of Cambridge
Downing Street


As an undergraduate, I studied Experimental Psychology, with an empirical focus on the oculomotor system. For my PhD I joined the lab of Wolfram Schultz and investigated reward processing by single dopamine neurons. My postdoctoral work employed functional magnetic resonance imaging in humans to shed light on how the brain processes economic reward parameters, such as risk, delay and probability. Currently, I am interested in the neural basis of reward, learning, economic decision making and social behaviour. I study both group effects and individual differences with a variety of methods. Examples of brain structures I am particularly interested in include the dopaminergic midbrain, the striatum and the prefrontal cortex.